Liquid Galaxy

A cluster of computers running Google Earth, Street View, and other panoramic applications to create an immersive experience.

The Liquid Galaxy is an open source project founded by Google. Created in 2008 by Google employee Jason Holt, the Liquid Galaxy started out as a panoramic multi-display Google Earth viewer, but has evolved to become a general data visualization tool for operations, marketing, and research.

The Liquid Galaxy gives the ability to fly around Google Earth, view panoramic video and photos, develop interactive tours, and graphically display GIS data.

End Point has taken Liquid Galaxy to the next level by building it as the central component into VisionPort.

Used by museums, universities, corporate offices, and commercial enterprises around the world, the VisionPort hardware consists of large-panel HD TVs within a curved panoramic environment. The VisionPort Content Management System (CMS) enables you to easily build and present an unlimited amount of diverse interactive presentations.

VisionPort is prominently used in a multitude of industries:

Real Estate

VisionPort provides an excellent tool for real estate brokerages and management companies to showcase their properties with multiple large screens showing 3D building models and complete Google Earth data.


The system’s cutting edge technology in itself is a powerful exhibit. Together with beautiful imagery and the ability to explore and discover, it makes a lasting impression on visitors.


As a shared immersive platform, VisionPort is a natural for elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, as well as other forms of training classrooms.

GIS Consulting

VisionPort is an impactful data visualization tool for operations, marketing, and research. End Point Dev can take almost any data set that contains GIS coordinates and display the data on Google Earth or Cesium.

Travel and Hospitality

Bringing rich satellite imagery and photography to life when experienced in large-scale panorama, VisionPort helps your clients get a taste of your resorts, properties, hotels, or cruises to inspire them to visit in person!

3D Models

VisionPort can render complex 3D scanned spaces and objects with full free-flight navigation and visual control. This is optimal for architects, civic planners, interior designers, or scientific researchers looking to show complex models.

Click here to see an interactive map of VisionPort and Liquid Galaxy installations all around the globe.

End Point Dev is the leading global agency for developing, deploying, and supporting VisionPort and Liquid Galaxy systems. With over 200 installations and events worldwide, our team of engineers and content developers has deep knowledge of the hardware, software, and aesthetics that makes these systems come to life as a dazzling data, business, education, or presentation tool.